Book Cover

Book Summary: At the end of the Civil War, Chas Sinclair, a striking cotton merchant from the South, enters Janessa O’Carroll’s family-owned restaurant located in Illinois. From their very first interaction, Chas and Janessa are completely fascinated with one another; however, in order to receive the inheritance to his family’s plantation, Chas must focus on his work. Within months, though, his attraction to Janessa is irrepressible, resulting in the loss of Chas’ birthright. He returns to the South, broken and humiliated; seven years later, Chas seeks out Janessa, finding her happily married. Bitter, he kidnaps Janessa and whisks her away to his family’s Mississippi plantation. There, Janessa must pose as Chas’ new bride, at the threat of her family’s safety. During her captivity, Janessa discovers that the seemingly ordinary plantation was really a link to the Underground Railroad, and soon after her discovery, scandal and tragedy overshadow the plantation, forcing Janessa to flee through the Underground Railroad with one whose knowledge of the trail will give her an advantage over unknown adversaries that want her dead.

This was a book cover I designed for a internship interview with Pulse, LLC. I didn’t get the job, but it was fun to design anyway! Created in InDesign

****UPDATE***  So fun fact! They ended up using my design and didn’t credit or tell me! Yaaaaay! Shame on you ! Well this was definitely a lesson learned!


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